Ordered the baby balm and both lip loves and completely fell in love with them! Natural, soothing products that are easy and convenient to carry. The baby balm is multi purpose which I love and helps with my dry patches on my hand. Checkout was easy and shipping was very fast. Would definitely recommend to all and can’t wait to place my next order! - Emely


Mama Luna Organics products are a huge relief!

As a mother the amount of effort, time and stress that goes into having to question and research everything my baby comes into contact with is a lot to handle - especially when learning about what is actually in most products on the shelf today ends in shock and disappointment. 

Mama Luna is so true to the purity of their products. They’re actually safe! I don’t have to worry about my baby getting into them when I’m not looking. And they work! Like really work. I give Mama Luna as gifts to new moms and use the teas, bath products and soaks for myself. I’m so glad this line of products was created. 

Sincere thank you from a grateful Mom! - Correne


Mama Luna has great products that you can tell are thoughtfully and lovingly crafted and that bring so much ease to your own self care routine, whatever that may be or whatever you need it to be. I highly recommend Mama Luna!! - Mariah


I’m so thankful to have mama Luna Organics products! Ingredients that won’t harm my babies is really important to me, so knowing I can trust all of these products is such a relief. Thank you Mama Luna for putting so much love and care into every item you have. My 21 month-old daughter’s favorite is the foaming baby wash, and my favorite at the moment is the Baby Balm- it has been so helpful with my 2-month old since he was born. It has helped us resolve dry skin and rashes. And, even my husband uses the Breathe Rub when he’s congested. Our whole family is feeling the love from you, Mama Luna! -Chelsea

have loved all of the goodies we got from Mama Luna! The bath bomb left my skin feeling super moisturized and luxurious! The lip balm keeps my lips from drying out better than anything I’ve tried, and let me tell you I have tried all sorts of lip balms. And the Vital Mama tea! It is soothing and uplifting at the same time! I am hooked! Can’t wait to finish my tea to go try a new one. -Glenda


A wonderful shop created by a wonderful woman! I love of the products! -Sydney


Mama Luna is an absolute staple in our home! I started using these amazing products during pregnancy and haven’t stopped. There is such piece of mind knowing that everything is organic, safe, and thoughtfully made. We live for the booty balm for our sweet one’s tush. In our home we burn the candles, use the bath bombs, drink the tea, and absolutely love all the body potions! On the go, we can’t get enough of the hand sanitizer and bug spray! I highly recommend Mama Luna to all my mom friends and family! - Sara


My husband says that the bootie balm has on multiple occasions immediately made our son stop crying during changing where other diaper creams have not! - Amber