Crystal Stars & Moons

Crystal Stars & Moons

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These celestial babies are a perfect companion for anyone, including kids. They are small and easy to carry in your pocket or bag.
All Mama Luna Crystals come cleansed and charged so they are ready to start working for you.  Approx 1 inch.
These celestial crystals pair perfectly with our Gift Baskets or Crystal Hearts
Choose From:

Lepodolite- Transition Stone, helps release old behavioral patterns. Deep emotional healer which helps release negativity and depression as well as soothes our souls. (Third Eye and Crown Chakra)

Rose Quartz- The Unconditional Love Stone. This stone enhances love, nurturing & bonding. (Heart Chakra)

Amethyst- Could be a great helper for stress and anxiety. Clears the mind of negative thoughts and brings about creativity and passion. Promotes better sleep and possibly relieves headaches. Makes dealing with changes easier. Powerful protection against anyone who wishes you harm. (Third Eye and Crown Chakra)

Clear Quartz- The ultimate healing stone. Assists with manifestation and aligning our heart with our head. Clear Quartz also magnifies all other crystals energies so this is a great choice to pair with other stones for maximum benefit. (Crown & All Chakras)